How to Rid Your Home of These 3 Common Odors

Professional cleaning in Austin, Texas

Professional cleaning in Austin, Texas

We’re all too  familiar with the particular odors that frequent our homes. We can treat some odors with light cleaning and a moderate use of air fresheners, but others are more persistent and difficult to remove. We’re here to review a few common household odors and how to treat them (not just mask them), so that your home may smell as fresh and clean as the day you moved in!


  1. Pet Urine


Pets are notorious for causing many different kinds of yucky, icky odors. Even well-trained dogs can have accidents indoors, and well-cleaned litter boxes can still let off a special kind of stench.If left untreated, accident areas can stain, and urine can sink deep into carpet fibers and padding. Your pet may also feel the urge to repeatedly mark the area.


Most household cleaners are unable to adequately clean pet urine from carpet simply because they can’t reach deeply enough. Steam cleaning, however, uses extreme heat and high pressurized water to extract dirt, dust, and urine crystals from your carpet.


  1. Other Carpet Odors


Carpet is comfortable and easy to walk on, but boy does it often end up the culprit of household odors! Inadequately treated stains and spills, dusty carpet, and worn down rugs are often sources of musty smells. It’s important to regularly clean carpets and upholstery, and consider calling a professional every few months!


  1. Laundry Mold Smells


The lids on washing machines close too tightly to allow moisture to escape, causing a mildew scent to linger. To prevent this, regularly wash out your washing machine with a cycle of hot water, and two cups of bleach!


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