Do You Have a Hidden Water Leak?

Water Damage Restoration Experts

Water Damage Restoration Experts

One of the biggest problems that cause water damage is water leaks - often because they’re hidden and hard to find. Not only can these hidden water leaks cause water damage, but they can also lead to mold growth and of course, wasted water. But, there is a solution! These hidden leaks can be found and repaired a few different ways.

Locating the Water Leaks

When looking for water leaks, there are a few common places you should check first - like bathrooms (showers, behind toilets, etc.), under sinks, and water heaters. Another thing you can check is (of course) your water meter, although this is easier to do if no water is currently being used in the house. If it seems like water usage has gone up without reason, it could definitely be a water leak.

What Happens if You Have a Water Leak?

The easy answer here is water damage, but depending on the severity and amount of water - there could be bigger issues like structural damage and mold. With mold, there are always dangers of contamination, allergies, and growth. But it can be stopped!

Cleaning Up Water Damage

If you’ve ever dealt with water damage before - no matter the severity - you know it’s not easy. With slow hidden water leaks, chances are that a good amount of water has built up over time. It’s always best to leave this job to the professionals. They know exactly how to handle each situation - from clean up, drying out the water, and removing mold growth to ensure there won’t be any more damage or risk to your health.

Do you know if you have a water leak? Have you checked for hidden water leaks if your water usage has skyrocketed (or slowly gone up without reason)? Don’t wait any longer - contact the professionals, like us here at The Steam Team.