Getting Prepared for Water Damage

24 Hour Water Damage Service in Austin, Texas 

24 Hour Water Damage Service in Austin, Texas 

You’re listening to the news and you hear it - there’s a huge storm rolling in and flood warnings flashing all over the screen. How can you prepare? Better yet, how can you prepare for any type of water damage - natural disaster, busted pipe, or broken appliance?

Moving Your Belongings

If you suspect that flooding may be heading your way, the first thing you can do to protect your belongings around the home is move them to higher ground. If you have a second story, that’s probably the most convenient place to move them to. However, if you live in a one story, you can place important belongings on countertops or above (and in) cabinets, etc.

Inspecting Weak Areas Around the House

Next, before the storm really rolls in (or there’s even a warning of a storm), it’s important to know if there are any weak areas around your home. Whether that may be unsecured windows, foundation cracks, or maybe even doors that aren’t sealed completely.

Treating Water Damage Immediately

Last, do not forget that if you are dealing with water damage - it MUST be treated immediately. Without immediate attention, water damage can become much worse (and quickly). The water can become more contaminated over time, and mold spores can begin to grow and even spread. Do not wait for the damage to progress!

We know water damage can be scary - terrifying, even. But, with help from the professionals, you can take a lot of the stress off of your shoulders and trust that they can handle the damage and restore your home. However, knowing how to prepare your belongings and your home before flooding can (and will) minimize any damage that may occur.