Beware of Do-It-Yourself Mold Removal

Water and Mold Damge

Water and Mold Damge

We already know that mold can be dangerous - and, in some cases, toxic - so it’s extremely important to take caution when deciding how to remove mold throughout your home. Often times, homeowners will attempt to fix or repair things around their house to try and save money. Unfortunately, there are many circumstances where this initial approach can end up costing more money down the road, when the repair isn’t done correctly. When it comes to mold removal, do-it-yourself techniques can be exceptionally dangerous if not done correctly.


Let’s explore.

How Mold Spreads

The perfect environment for mold to grow (and spread) in is a humid, moist area. When a home suffers water damage (no matter how severe) the house is then immediately susceptible to mold growth. Once mold grows, it can begin to spread through spores that it reproduces that then are carried through different means - whether that’s the air, animals even, or the root of the problem - water.

How Professionals Remove Mold

Removing mold is a difficult job as the spores are microscopic and are often hard to find. Unfortunately, many people have mold in their homes and don’t even know it - but, with proper inspection and treatment the house can be completely restored. Professionals use specialized and advanced equipment to properly remove and treat the mold to prevent further growth. That’s why, when trying to remove mold on your own, you could miss spores and not completely remove the infestation.


If you choose to attempt mold removal on your own, you could risk your health and the stability of your home. It’s not worth it - you may not be able to get every mold spore like a professional can, leaving you and your family continually susceptible to growth and spreading. Don’t hesitate - call The Steam Team!