It's Time to Be Educated on Mold

Water Damage Clean Up 

Water Damage Clean Up 

Mold - it’s a scary word. But, an even scarier situation if someone (or yourself) discovers it growing in your home. While it is an often scary and avoided topic, it’s incredibly important to be educated about mold so you can be better prepared should the situation arise.

How Mold Grows and Spreads

The perfect environment for mold growth is one full of moisture and humidity. That’s why many homes that suffer from water damage end up having mold growth - whether they know it or not. However, on the contrary, even if you have not suffered any water damage in the recent past, you could have mold in areas like bathrooms or under sinks (even in the kitchen).


So, how does mold grow and spread?


In the right environment, mold can spread extremely quickly. Mold thrives in warm temperatures where there are nutrients available - even substances like wood act as nutrients for this fungus. Once the mold is thriving, it reproduces through spores that can spread all throughout the home.

About Mold Contamination

Mold contamination is no joke. While it may seem gross to have mold growing in your home, it’s actually an incredibly dangerous health risk (especially if it’s not stopped and continues to spread). From smaller, allergy-like symptoms to even toxic contamination, it’s hard to know how mold will affect you and your family, but it’s better to not even take the risk.

Now that you know all about mold, how quickly it spreads, and how dangerous it can be, next time you encounter mold in your home - you’ll know to call the professionals immediately.