5 Tips to Help With Fire Damage

Smoke And Water Damage

Smoke And Water Damage

When fire damage occurs, you have more than enough decisions to make - the last thing you need to worry about is handling fire damage restoration. But, don’t worry too much just yet! We have 5 tips for you to help you (safely) make it through this process.



Let’s get started…

  1. Do not enter, under any circumstances

You’re not alone in wanting to enter your home and gather any belongings that you can, however it may pose more of a risk than benefit. There are several things that could be detrimental to your health - smoke, soot, and even mold (depending on when you re-enter the premises).

  1. Know your insurance - backwards and forwards

With damage to your home, comes insurance claims. While the claims process feel burdensome, insurance is here to help you restore your house to its previous condition. But, knowing your insurance coverage backwards and forwards will absolutely help throughout the entire process.

  1. Prevent further damage

To prevent any further damage, it’s imperative that you get a professional restoration company involved. Many homeowners want to go through their own belongings to keep what has sentimental value - and while we understand that is extremely important to many people, including us - it can also be dangerous to your family and your health. Smoke damage can linger and without proper cleaning, soot will stick around.

  1. Take proper documentation

In order to help the insurance process go smoother, proper documentation is essential. However, a professional company can help you with the process of understanding the extent of damage. From documentation to restoration - the professionals are only here to help you and your home get back to its previous condition.

  1. File your insurance claim

Filing your insurance claim will not only help with the cost of cleaning and restoration but will also help you restore your home in a way that it won’t compromise your health or safety.

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