The Best Way to Take Care of Tile and Grout



Many people think tile is an easy material to take care of, and they’re not wrong - but that doesn’t mean it can be ignored. Just like any other flooring, there are ways tile (and grout) need to be taken care of to ensure that it’s kept at it’s optimal condition. Stains can still happen, even though it may seem that it would be relatively easy to remove them from tile - it is, if tended to properly. But - many homeowners find themselves overwhelmed with many other things - whether they be other things around the house or just in general with life - to worry about the stain (or soon-to-be stain) on their tile and grout. So, what’s the best way to take care of it? Let’s explore!

Steam Cleaning and Its Benefits

  • Safe for Children and Pets

The lack of chemicals used throughout steam cleaning is extremely safe for any pets and children.

  • Uses Heat

Heat helps to rid of any toxins and other grime around the flooring (unlike many other cleaning methods).

  • Deeper Clean

The pressure behind the steam cleaning machine makes for a much more thorough and deeper clean.

  • Cost Effective

You don’t have to worry about buying different cleaning products and trying out multiple tools. Hiring a professional to steam clean your tile floors is actually very cost effective in the long run.

Hiring a Professional

You can find steam cleaning machinery and other cleaning products at many stores - in fact, you can rent a stronger steam cleaning machine from your local hardware store in many cases. However, we want to caution you against this because using a steam cleaner is only half of the process. If you’re unsure of the proper tools and techniques to use, it could end up doing damage to your tile. So, it’s always (always) recommended to hire a reputable professional.

Letting a stain go unattended is one of the worst things you could do for your floors - but, even if you do, we may have a solution. Don’t hesitate to give us a call - especially if your tile hasn’t been cleaned in quite some time. It’s in your best interest, and the interest (and longevity) of your flooring to set up a regular deep cleaning schedule with a professional.