Dealing with Damage to Your Leather Furniture

Leather Furniture Cleaning

Leather Furniture Cleaning

The last thing you want to happen is damage to your nice, expensive, leather furniture. But, mistakes happen and unfortunately, damage does occur. So, how can you deal with this so-called damage? (Ultimately returning your furniture to its original condition, of course). Let us give you some tips!

Water Damage on Leather

For the most part, a small water spill on your leather won’t cause irreparable damage. However, if you’re dealing with flooding - whether from natural circumstances or otherwise - it can be a real problem for leather material.



To care for a small water spill (even if we’re talking an entire glass of water), clean up the mess as soon as you can and keep an eye on the material itself to ensure that it doesn’t start to get stiff. If it does, it’s time to call in the professionals - it may need some cleaning or conditioning to get it back to its original condition. For larger issues, like severe water damage, be as careful as you can around your leather so it doesn’t rip, tear, or scratch and make a phone call to our leather technicians.

Tears, Rips, or Scratches

When there’s even the smallest tear, rip, or scratch on leather material it tends to make a big eyesore. Your eyes are immediately drawn to the damage, no matter what color the furniture is. However, if it’s left unattended, the problem could (and likely will) worsen - getting larger and larger with the more time that passes.


But, dealing with a tear, rip, or even scratch, isn’t the easiest problem to fix on your own. The best thing you can do is keep an eye on it and ensure that it’s treated properly as soon as possible. If you’re able to put something over it to keep it from collecting dust, dirt, or other grime that would certainly help!