Steam Cleaning Upholstery

24 Hour Water Restoration

24 Hour Water Restoration

When was the last time your living room furniture was professionally cleaned after a water damage in Austin? What about your upholstered dining room chairs, or that love seat in your home office? Over time, our upholstered furniture collects dust, dirt, and other gross specs of things- like crumbs! And eventually... an unpleasant odor “ seems to be coming from somewhere in the den.”



Every so often our upholstery begs us for a deep cleaning! And let’s face it- it’s probably best to hire a professional steam cleaning company to do the job. Doing this will save you frustration, inconvenience, and will deliver the most effective and efficient results!  It’s great to have a regular cleaning routine to keep up with natural wear and tear, and it’s true that over the counter products and rented machines make a difference. However, for a thorough cleaning that you’ll want to show off, you’ll need the impressive, industrial-strength equipment and expertise of a professional.


Steam cleaning will undoubtedly prolong the life of your upholstery, but, like anything, moderation is key! It’s important to vacuum and dust your home on a regular basis, and to clean spills from upholstered furniture as soon as they are found. Steam cleaning your furniture definitely provides the best results, but keep in mind that it should only be done when necessary. By over cleaning, you run the risk of wearing out the fabric more quickly.


How frequently your upholstery will need to be cleaned depends on the amount of traffic it endures each day. Pets, small children, and messy roommates are a number of things to take account for.


For a thorough steam cleaning that will prolong the life and performance of your upholstery, contact The Steam Team! We know you want your furniture looking fabulous. That’s why The Steam Team has all of the equipment and knowledge that you’ll need. We can help remove even the toughest of stains from your upholstery!