5 Ways Steam Cleaning Can Improve Your Home

Water Damage Clean Up

Water Damage Clean Up

  1. Air Quality and Your Health

Your health and the air quality that you live in are directly related. There are numerous places around the home that collect all kinds of allergens and other dangerous particles (like mold), but lucky for you - we have a solution. Steam cleaning uses a certain level of heat that can eliminate any and all bacteria, leaving your home with exceptional air quality - and you with good health.

  1. Versatility

Steam cleaning can be used on many different surfaces and fabrics - covering nearly every inch of the house. You won’t have to worry about how to clean the different areas around the house because a steam cleaner can handle marble, tile, hardwood, fabric, carpet, window treatments - you name it.

  1. Aesthetic Appeal with No Concern

The best way to maximize the appeal around your home is to keep it properly and thoroughly cleaned - however, many other cleaning options can pose safety risks to children, pets, and even adults. With steam cleaning, there isn’t any concern as the solution that may be used is entirely safe for everyone (including pets).

  1. Eliminate Pet Odor

Pet odor - whether we’re talking about normal pet dander or even accidents - can be extremely tough to eliminate around the home. Even products that claim to be ‘for pets’ can’t touch the smell. However, steam cleaning reaches way down into the carpet fibers - even the carpet padding - and uses strong suction to remove any smell related to pets. It’s like you may not even have them!

  1. Near Restoration

It can cost a pretty penny to completely restore your flooring or even more, replace it. But, steam cleaning can help remove any of those pesky stains and restore the original look of your flooring - whether it be carpet, hardwoods, tile, or anything else. Although it may not be to add that additional shine, it will certainly make it look as though you’ve never made a spill!