When Did You Last Clean Your Water Damaged Upholstery?

The Steam Team Austin

The Steam Team Austin

Upholstery - furniture covered in fabric - is prone to collect allergens and other grime from around the house. Unfortunately, over time, this grime can easily build up without proper cleaning. So, our question to you is; when did you last clean your upholstery? A regular cleaning schedule is optimal, but we understand that homeowners have many other things on their plate. So, let’s talk about that cleaning schedule - if you have one. If you don’t, you’ll definitely want to get one to reduce the allergens and grime around your home.

When Do You Clean Upholstery?

The amount of traffic that your upholstered furniture experiences will determine how often it needs to be cleaned - whether that’s with regular maintenance or deep cleaning. In some cases, like with upholstery in your office, it may need to be cleaned more frequently.



Regular maintenance can be performed each week - a quick vacuum and wipe down with a dust-free rug. However, when it comes to deep cleaning your upholstered furniture, that’s where you’ll want to talk to a professional depending on your situation. For furniture that’s used heavily, you may need to have it thoroughly cleaned a few times throughout the year. For light traffic, you could be able to wait and only clean it annually.

How to Clean Upholstery

The most effective and efficient way to clean upholstery is by using a steam cleaner. However, not just any steam cleaner, as many store-bought or rented ones can actually be ineffective. A professional restoration cleaning company will have the right tools and equipment (and knowledge) to be able to properly remove any dirt, dust, or other grime. With the heat from the steam cleaner and the right solution, there won’t be any bacteria left in your upholstered furniture.

So, to keep your furniture in its best condition, the answer is simple: speak to a professional who specializes in cleaning upholstered furniture - like The Steam Team!