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Water Damage and Mold: How to Avoid the Unexpected

Water from a flood or a broken pipe can do immense amounts of damage to a home. And to make it even worse, water damage will lead to mold growth more often than not, which can be horrible to the health of anyone living there. These issues can be very difficult and costly to clean up, but if you follow these tips you can prevent water damage and mold growth from happening in the first place!

Preventing Water Damage

To prevent water damage from occurring, be sure to;

  • Clean roof gutters every few months. If your roof gutters are clogged with leaves, sticks, or anything at all, the water may build up, leak in through your roof, and cause some serious damage.

  • Purchase a drain snake. You might be using powerful chemicals to unclog drains in your kitchen or bathroom, but these chemicals may actually do damage to your pipes and cause them to leak. A drain snake is an inexpensive, safer alternative.

  • Pay attention to your water bill. Of course, you should be paying close attention to your bills anyway! But if you notice any particularly high water bills coming in, it’s likely you have a leak and need to get an inspection as soon as possible.

Stopping Mold Growth

For mold to grow, all it needs a little bit of water and a dark space. If the water damage is already done, you can still prevent mold growth by;

  • Removing water as quickly as possible with a wet/dry vacuum.

  • Use high-powered fans to dry the carpet.

  • Use a dehumidifying machine to dry out the air in the room or rooms.

  • Sanitize all carpet flooring using a steam-cleaner.

  • Sanitize all walls and hard surface floors with soap and water.

Water Damage Restoration

If you’re already too late and water damage or mold has already taken hold in your home, call The Steam Team and we’ll send our best water damage and mold remediation professionals your way!