The (Not So) Hidden Dangers Behind Water Damage

water damage san marcos

water damage san marcos

No matter how the water damage happens, it can be a tragedy. However, while most homeowners are concerned about the immediate damage - they don’t think about those hidden dangers. Whether you think it’s going to happen to you or not, are you prepared for water damage at all? It’s not an easy topic to think about, but unfortunately, it can be inevitable for many homeowners.

Spotting Water Damage

We see it all too often; water damage that could have been prevented if only it was spotted in time. Unfortunately, not all water damage is easy to spot. In many cases, it can be nearly impossible to find water damage if you’re not looking for it.


To help you spot any areas that could be at risk, we’ve compiled this list:

  • Soft Spots

  • Musty Odor

  • Leaking Pipes

  • Regularly Inspect: Bathroom, Kitchen, and Laundry Room

Preventing the Dangers of Water Damage

Two words: Immediate Action. The most important aspect of spotting water damage is to actively search for it on a regular basis. As long as you’re being consistent and proactive, you’ll minimize any risk of water damage.

Treating Water Damage and Mold

If, however, you end up facing water damage and worse - mold growth - there is something you can do to tackle it once and for all.

When you hire a professional cleaning and restoration company, like The Steam Team, they’ll come in to inspect the damage. There’s a large health risk when it comes to mold, especially if it’s already begun to spread. That’s why it’s critical to let the professionals treat water damage and mold - it’s not worth putting your family or yourself at risk.