How to Eliminate Mold and Water Damage The Right Way

Whether it was caused by flooding and water damage in Bonita Springs / Naples Florida or simply a damp area that was left unnoticed for too long, mold growth can be a disastrous problem for any home or business. By reading this short blog, you’ll give yourself a better understanding of mold growth and how our professional remediation process can help you eliminate it for good. Water damage Bonita Springs, Florida headquarters.

Mold’s Effect on Health

Exposure to environments with mold growth can cause a wide variety of health problems. Some people are more sensitive to mold than others. For many people, it can cause throat irritation, cough, eye irritation, skin irritation, and nasal stuffiness.

People with specific allergies to mold may have even more severe symptoms. People with existing lung conditions may develop lung infections as a result of mold growth in the home. For all of these reasons and more, the proper steps must be taken to eliminate mold from your home as soon as you discover it.

Professional Remediation Process

With a quick call, TST Total Restoration professional technicians and mold specialists will arrive at your home ready and equipped to handle your mold problem, and even remove water and provide other restoration services if needed. Our mold remediation process is a simple and powerful seven step process that goes as follows:

  1. Mold damage examination using the latest technology.

  2. Water extraction and drying of all damaged areas.

  3. Containment of affected area to prevent mold spreading.

  4. Disposal of all affected materials.

  5. Complete evaluation and treatment of AC and HVAC systems.

  6. Mold disinfectant.

  7. Mold damage repair and restoration.

Why Choose TST of Bonita Springs/ Naples Florida area?

So the question is, can you get this remediation process and level of service from just any company? What sets TST apart?

Well for starters, TST offers 24 hour response. That’s right, we can take your call and have our professionals sent your way at any time, day or night. We also won’t charge you for an estimate. And besides all that, we have the best certified technicians and the latest professional mold remediation and drying equipment. For more information on the services we offer, visit our website.