Mold, & All The Problems

Austin Cleaners

Austin Cleaners

Have you ever noticed a musty, mildewy smell stemming from your basement, garage, bathroom, or laundry room? Mold is most likely to grow in damp places, areas that retain moisture. In perfect conditions, it can grow over the course of a short twenty four hours! Mold will grow both indoors and outdoors, and it uses multiple methods to enter our homes through doors, windows, heating and air conditioning, or vents!  Once mold has found us, it begins to fester, grow, and spread.


If left untreated, mold can carry many unhealthy, dangerous consequences. However, there are ways to control mold infestations and ensure the protection of your home, health, and wellness.

Health Concerns

Some people are more sensitive to mold than others, and therefore experience an array of health issues. A person affected by mold may present symptoms such as coughing, wheezing, eyes and throat irritation, or nasal stuffiness. Of course, if you have a mold allergy, unfortunately you’ll likely endure a more severe reaction. This is all the more reason to quickly get a handle on any mold issue that may present itself in your environment!

Call the Professionals Immediately

Upon discovering a mold infestation, you should immediately contact your local professional cleaning and restoration company. Mold is not an issue to take lightly; keep in mind that do-it-yourself methods of removing mold may not actually do the job. You’ll need the industrial-strength equipment and expansive knowledge base of a professional water restoration company… like us, The Steam Team!


We know how stressful and tiresome it is to deal with a mold issue in your home. We also know how imperative it is to solve the problem the right way. The moment you detect mold growth in your home, give The Steam Team a shout!