Rid Your Venetian Blinds of Dust, Dirt, & Grime



Venetian blinds provide us with the privacy we need while helping our homes to look more warm and welcoming! But over time, blinds collect so much dust and dirt; eventually they need to be cleaned. We know this may not be the easiest of household chores, so we’ve come to help!


When homeowners set out to clean their window blinds, they typically choose one of a few routes: dry dusting/vacuuming, washing in a tub, or steam cleaning. All three methods have their advantages, but steam cleaning will provide you with the most efficient and satisfying results.


Dry Dusting


With a soft towel or microfiber cloth, you can wipe most of the dust and dirt particles off of your blinds. For the best results, frequently exchange dirty clothes for clean ones.


Tub Washing


Aside from steam cleaning, hand washing your blinds in a tub of warm, soapy water is definitely the most effective methods.


Start by filling your bathtub(s) with warm water, and add your favorite household cleaner or detergent. Gently remove your blinds from their brackets, scrub them down thoroughly in the tub, and hang them up to dry.


Steam Cleaning


The power of a steam cleaner will easily remove dust and dirt particles from almost any surface. Using a personal steam cleaner, leave the blinds open, and guide the steamer over each slat. You’ll be cleaning and drying your blinds simultaneously, making the process much more efficient!


When you finish one side, adjust the blinds to reach the opposite side. When all's said and done your venetian blinds should look and feel brand new. No more dust, no more grime.

We hope these tips help you as you set out to clean your blinds this weekend! And remember, if ever a project is too daunting, time consuming, or you’d just like a bit of expert advice, call us today! The Steam Team has all of the knowledge and skill that you need to keep your home looking bright and beautiful.