Do You Have to Leave Your Home After a Disaster?

Water Damage Austin, Texas

Water Damage Austin, Texas

When it comes to a disaster like a fire or flood, you may worry about your safety if you stay in your home - and rightfully so. Depending on the severity of the disaster, you may need to leave the premises for a while and stay somewhere else. Let’s break it down a little further:

Fire Damage

With fire damage, large or small, the smoke, ash, and carbon monoxide can be exceptionally dangerous - especially to your health.


Once aware of the fire in your home, you should always evacuate immediately and call for emergency help. After reaching the local firefighters, call your local restoration company - like The Steam Team.


After the property is deemed ‘safe’ by the firefighters, your restoration company can assess the damage. However, until the property is properly cleaned by professionals, the safest option (remember, no matter the size of the fire) is to find somewhere else to stay.

Water Damage

On the other hand, where there’s water damage, there’s always the potential for mold growth. Depending on the extent of the damage, it may take a few days to even a week to completely dry out the entire property. Now, that doesn’t mean it’s necessary for you to leave the home (always). In some cases, you could stick around and help pick up things around the house - however, you do risk mold exposure and the drying equipment doesn’t always make the most pleasant noises.


With extensive damage - the kind that may require reconstruction of certain structures - finding somewhere else to live may be your best option. When children are involved, you may want to leave the premises until a professional has completely restored the home.

If you’re suffering from any kind of damage - whether it be smoke, fire, or water - don’t hesitate to contact your local professional steam cleaning company, like us, here at The Steam Team. We’re available to help you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week!