Should Businesses or Homes Worry About Flooding?

water damage austin texas

water damage austin texas

With all of the heavy rainfall lately many homeowners across Texas have experienced tragic floods. But, for those of you who run businesses or own buildings, that may be your current concern - is my business going to flood? Unfortunately, rainwater doesn’t discriminate - it’s not going to stay away from your building just because it’s your place of work. But, there are certainly things you can do to prepare and protect your business!



First thing’s first; know where your weak spots are in the building, where water is most likely to come through. If you haven’t thoroughly examined your entire building, now’s the time. You can even hire a professional to come in and inspect the premises and shed some light on what you’re dealing with. This is where property maintenance over time is extremely important as structures and surroundings can change through the years.


As a business owner, do you know about the dangers of flooding?


Often times, people think that flood damage is confined to the property alone. The belongings located inside, the papers you could lose, the flooring you may need to replace, etc. Not often do they think about any structural damage - which is entirely possible in a flood. In fact, the entire structure of the building could be compromised depending on the situation.


And, just as many homeowners do, you may need to leave the building for an extended period of time for it to be properly restored.


While all of this sounds devastating - and it is - it’s all to say; if your business is in danger of flooding, the best thing you can do is have a disaster plan. Alternate shipping routes, ways to keep your business running as much as you can so you don’t face losing business on top of flooding.

Above all, know who to call when disaster strikes - your local restoration company - like us, here at The Steam Team. We know how devastating flooding can be and we’re always here to help 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.