What Causes Pipes to Burst?

Water Damage Austin

Water Damage Austin


Even though it so rarely drops below freezing here in Texas, it does happen every now and then. But even so, do you know what causes pipes to burst in freezing weather? We’ll give you some inside knowledge, you never know when you’ll be dealing with frozen pipes! Many people assume it’s from an ice blockage or expansion inside the frozen pipe itself, but it’s actually not.


In fact, the built up water pressure inside the pipe is what ultimately causes it to burst open.


So what happens when a pipe bursts?


Unfortunately, busted pipes often cause flooding beginning wherever the pipe was located (the attic, inside the walls, etc.).


Now, how should you react in the event of a flood?


Obviously it’s not something any homeowner wishes to deal with at any time - but it does happen and it’s always better to be prepared prior to disaster than trying to figure it out as you go during the moment. The first thing you should do when facing a broken pipe is turn off the water - then call a plumber!


While you’re waiting for professional help, you can collect the water in a bucket (if the leak is in the ceiling) or soak it up if it’s elsewhere.


Then, give your local restoration company a call - like us, here at The Steam Team - because the professionals have been properly trained in how to deal with these things. Using professional equipment can soak up the excess water more quickly and get your home dried out faster as well - which is the most important thing in all of this. Without ridding of the excess water quickly, you could be facing even further damage - like mold growth - around the home, nobody wants that!

Don’t worry if you’re facing flood damage - we’re always here to help when you call!