Do You Have Mold in Your Home?

Mold Remediation Austin Texas

Mold Remediation Austin Texas

Mold often lurks in homes, especially those that have been affected by water damage. Unfortunately, it’s not often apparent - even if you’re allergic. Sometimes, you could experience mild allergies that seem like seasonal allergies, but for others it could be more dangerous. However, even still, many people live in homes that contain mold without knowing it for years. So, how can you detect mold in your home?


If you’ve experienced any kind of water damage, the best thing to do is have your professional restoration company check for any mold damage so they’ll remove it during the restorative process. On the other hand, mold can grow for a number of reasons - even without extensive water damage. The best way to detect mold around the home is to look for signs such as; congestion, watery eyes, trouble breathing, visible appearance of mold, or even an unpleasant smell around the house.


With small amounts of mold contamination, you may not experience any health effects. But it also depends on the individual, as some react worse than others. Besides the signs that often mimic seasonal allergies, you could even experience skin irritation in the presence of mold. In severe cases of mold, you may face even further symptoms that present as an illness like fever, headaches, and even vomiting! But remember - these aren’t always present, but if mold contamination is causing this reaction in your body, your doctor will be able to test for exposure.

So, if you’ve found that your home is contaminated with mold (whether large or small), how can you get rid of it? Depending on the severity of the environment, you may not have to leave the premises (or you may have to, in severe cases). The best way to remove mold is to call a professional cleaning and restoration company - like The Steam Team.