What Damages Your Carpet?

Carpet Cleaning Horsehoe Bay, Texas

Carpet Cleaning Horsehoe Bay, Texas

Whether you’re facing holes in your carpet, bald patches, tears, discoloration, shrinking, stains, burns, or any excess wear - you’ve come to the right place. Unfortunately, many things can be damaging to carpet - even too much sunlight! But, hiring a professional cleaning and restoration company can bring your flooring back to life.



Why should you repair your carpet?


Installing carpet in your home is a huge investment! While there are many ways you can elongate its lifetime, there are also many factors that can affect its durability and none of us have control over natural disasters. However, repairing your carpet (professionally) can maintain its value and aesthetics.


But, why hire a professional?


Professional cleaning and restoration companies have extensive experience, education, training, and the latest technology and equipment to get the job done - properly. If you’re a homeowner, chances are you’ve tried your hand at a few do-it-yourself projects over the weeks, months, or years that you’ve owned your house. But when it comes to repairing damaged carpet - or any flooring, for that matter - it’s never recommended to look up the latest YouTube video on how to restore it yourself. In this situation, you could even further the damage to your carpet - keeping you from saving the additional money you thought you would be saving in the first place. With hiring a professional, all of these worries go away! You can count on the technicians to restore your carpet from the damage, or if it’s too damaged - you know they’ll be honest and upfront about needing replacement.

If you stress about the upkeep and regular maintenance of your floors (whether they’re carpet, hardwood, tile, etc.) - you can always trust a professional company (like us, here at The Steam Team) to take care of them.