Have You Been Trained in Fire Damage Restoration?

Water & Fire Damage Emergency Service

Water & Fire Damage Emergency Service

This one is for all of the insurance professionals out there! Throughout the year, The Steam Team holds a fire and smoke restoration course to help insurance professionals continue their education.


Fire and smoke damage is no doubt a risky business. As insurance professionals, often times you need to help assess the extent of the damage to know what you’re working with. However, this requires health precautions among many other safety measures - and, also for you to learn the process of those (like The Steam Team) who step in to restore the damage. All of this can help you, as an insurance professional, to have a better understanding for the situation as well as your job - further helping the family you’re working with.

What’s Included in Fire Damage Restoration

  • Timing is Key

Nobody doubts that you understand how important timing can be with fire damage, however, it’s crucial that insurance professionals understand the extent that fire damage can cause if left unattended.


  • Learning Inspection

During training, the instructor will educate insurance professionals about the inspection process and properly assessing the damage and its restoration cost.


  • Board-Up

The next step in the restoration process is to protect the home from any compromised windows, walls, or even the roof by using boards to cover the areas or a tarp to cover the roof.


  • Water Removal

Since water is used to extinguish fires, there can often be a mixture of water damage on top of the fire damage from when the firefighters put the fire out. Removing this water is crucial to ensuring that damage doesn’t progress any further.


  • Smoke/Soot Removal

Finally, we make it to one of the most critical parts of restoration; smoke and soot removal. Without this step, the house could continue to suffer damage even after a “restoration” is completed.


As an insurance professional, knowing the entire restoration process can keep you better informed throughout the claims process. The courses we offer are lead by state certified personnel and last only 3 hours.

Stay tuned on our website to keep up with the latest restoration courses!