3 Secrets About Mold

Commercial Water Damage & Mold Restoration Project

Commercial Water Damage & Mold Restoration Project

  1. “Dead” mold is just as dangerous as “live” mold.

Often times, homeowners believe that if they ‘kill’ the mold they found in their home it’s treated and no longer a concern. However, this isn’t true as ‘dead’ mold spores are just as dangerous to your lungs as ‘live’ mold. Using harsh chemicals to rid of the problem will not work. In fact, the only thing that can stop mold from growing and spreading is proper mold remediation and removal by a professional.

  1. Mold can cause damage to the systems in your body.

Unfortunately mold has multiple adverse health effects on multiple systems across your body. The effects you may experience may vary depending on a number of different factors; your susceptibility to mold allergies, the level of toxicity in the mold in your home, and the amount of mold surrounding you. However, it’s important to note that mold can become incredibly toxic if not dealt with properly and quickly.

  1. There is evidence that mold is linked to Chronic Inflammatory Response Syndrome.

While Chronic Inflammatory Response is an autoimmune disease so not everyone will suffer - however, with mold present in the environment (work or home) those who do have CIRS can experience uncomfortable and dangerous symptoms. For someone who suffers from Chronic Inflammatory Response, present mold will cause an inflammatory response throughout your entire body - meaning symptoms can range from migraines to even numbness or disorientation. The symptoms range all over the board - but if there’s mold present, the best thing to do is take care of it as soon as possible.

Could you have mold in your home?  Often times, it’s incredibly hard to find - but, if you have water damage (or have had previous damage), it’s extremely important to have your house inspected. If mold is found, have it professionally (and properly) removed to reduce risk of growth.