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Water Damage and Mold: How to Avoid the Unexpected

Water from a flood or a broken pipe can do immense amounts of damage to a home. And to make it even worse, water damage will lead to mold growth more often than not, which can be horrible to the health of anyone living there. These issues can be very difficult and costly to clean up, but if you follow these tips you can prevent water damage and mold growth from happening in the first place!

Preventing Water Damage

To prevent water damage from occurring, be sure to;

  • Clean roof gutters every few months. If your roof gutters are clogged with leaves, sticks, or anything at all, the water may build up, leak in through your roof, and cause some serious damage.

  • Purchase a drain snake. You might be using powerful chemicals to unclog drains in your kitchen or bathroom, but these chemicals may actually do damage to your pipes and cause them to leak. A drain snake is an inexpensive, safer alternative.

  • Pay attention to your water bill. Of course, you should be paying close attention to your bills anyway! But if you notice any particularly high water bills coming in, it’s likely you have a leak and need to get an inspection as soon as possible.

Stopping Mold Growth

For mold to grow, all it needs a little bit of water and a dark space. If the water damage is already done, you can still prevent mold growth by;

  • Removing water as quickly as possible with a wet/dry vacuum.

  • Use high-powered fans to dry the carpet.

  • Use a dehumidifying machine to dry out the air in the room or rooms.

  • Sanitize all carpet flooring using a steam-cleaner.

  • Sanitize all walls and hard surface floors with soap and water.

Water Damage Restoration

If you’re already too late and water damage or mold has already taken hold in your home, call The Steam Team and we’ll send our best water damage and mold remediation professionals your way!

3 Secrets to Keeping Your Carpet Clean

Carpet is one of the most widely used materials for flooring across houses and has been for decades upon decades. It’s comfortable and soft, making it perfect for areas like the bedroom, closets, and even living rooms. But- because it’s so often used in these popular areas, it’s also susceptible to all the dirt, dust, and grime that come with foot traffic (and lots of it). That’s why we’ve put together our best 3 secrets for protecting your carpet against those stains, spills, and even regular wear and tear!


Regular Maintenance

As with any other flooring or surface, regular maintenance is always the key to keeping things looking and feeling clean. However, with carpet, the regular maintenance may need to be a little more involved (especially with those extra feet running around). Vacuum multiple times per week, thoroughly, to ensure you’ve picked up those dirt and dust particles from the deep depths of those carpet fibers.


Periodic Maintenance

Another good way to keep the carpet clean and from being damaged is to have the professionals come out and thorough cleanings with their equipment periodically. Steam cleaning is one of the most effective methods for carpeting, pulling out each of those pesky particles with such strong suction.


Check Your Padding

One of the least known facts about carpet, is how much the padding affects its fibers over the course of its life. Without proper padding, your carpet doesn’t have anything to protect it from the bearing the weight from foot traffic. However, if you have proper padding underneath your carpet, it allows the fibers more cushion to absorb the force.


Not sure if your carpets need to be cleaned? Want a free steam cleaning estimate? Give us a call today! The Steam Team is always here to help.


How to Handle Fire And Water Damage in 3 Steps

Fires can be started within seconds and they spread even faster, devastating nearly everything they come in contact with. From personal belongings to fixtures and furniture- while so many things are left behind, it’s often a question of what can actually be salvaged and what could pose potential dangers. Fire damage is not easy to handle, but with the professionals on your side- we promise to make it as smooth as possible for you and your loved ones. Water can cause even more damage. 


Call the Professionals

Fire isn’t just dangerous because of the flames, it also weakens the structure of your home and leaves behind thick smoke and ash that can cause health issues if breathed in for prolonged periods of time. That’s why it’s extremely important to call for help when facing fire damage, let the experienced and knowledgeable technicians do their jobs. DON’T hesitate- call a cleaning and restoration company ASAP (like The Steam Team).


Record Damage for Insurance Purposes

As devastating as the damage may be, it’s always important to record every minor detail for insurance purposes. We want to make sure you’re able to replace everything that was taken with the fire and documentation is the best and most concrete way to do this. When you’re working with a professional restoration company as well, they’ll help facilitate this process so it’s not as overwhelming.


Be Safe and Step Back

Whenever near the affected area, wear a dust respirator (safety mask) to protect yourself against dust, smoke, and other dangerous substances in the air. Otherwise, try to step back and let the professionals do their job.


For over a decade, The Steam Team has been helping homeowners take back their homes after fire and smoke damage. We know exactly what to do, and we have the equipment for it, too! Give us a call today if you find yourself facing fire and water damage, we’re available 24 hours a day, seven days a week!